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You spoke, OIT listened! The Birth of the Major Incident Management Dashboard

posted Mar 17, 2015, 3:01 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 19, 2015, 9:57 AM ]

As part of OIT's efforts to better provide the services used by state agencies and as part of a major incident management initiative, we talked with our Service Desk personnel -- the frontline resources who interact on a daily basis with our customers. We wanted to gain insights into what they are hearing from our customers as well as their own opinions about where we are meeting needs and how we could better serve those who have the incredible mission of serving Coloradans. We learned that one of the most common criticisms is around the way we communicate service disruptions and system outages and primarily that customers are receiving alerts that do not apply to them or they are receiving too many alerts in general.

In response, we added an action item to address how to provide more focused and clear information (e.g., less “techy”) to the existing initiative. From this was born the Major Incident Management Dashboard you see today. This 24x7 site is now the hub for all Major Incident information. (A major incident is one that prevents reasonable use of a service such as the network or a specific application and that has a significant impact to productivity.)

Customers will no longer receive the Service Impact notifications with the red, yellow, or green banners across the top. Instead, you now have the option to receive notifications generated this site and to customize what you receive and how often you receive it!

It’s easy -- all you need to do to receive these messages is to join the appropriate group! Just click on the agency acronym for which you wish to receive notifications and click on the blue “Join Group” button. If you wish to receive a notification every time a new incident is posted, click on the “Join this group” button and you’re done. But if you’d rather receive a daily or weekly summary, first change the “Email delivery preference” (you can always modify this later).  That’s it -- you’re done.

If you don’t wish to receive notifications, that’s easy too. You won’t receive any unless you subscribe. Regardless of how often you wish to be notified, or even if you don’t subscribe to this service, you can always catch up on the latest status on this dashboard.

It is important to note that this site is for major incidents only. Users will continue to receive Service Alerts for planned and emergency maintenance.