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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions about Major Incidents.

1.  Question - What is a Major Incident?

Answer - Any production service (Application/Website/Network...etc.) that is down or degraded impacting multiple users is considered a Major Incident.  Life and Limb issues are also considered Major Incidents.

2. Question - What is a Priority 1 (P1) ticket and how does it differ from a Major Incident?

Answer - If the Urgency and Impact surpass a pre-determined threshold or there is a service outage/degradation then the ticket will be a P1.  Not all P1 issues are Major Incidents (proactive issues for example), however, all Major Incidents are P1.  

3.   Question - If someone has already called in a Major Incident, do others also need to call it in?

Answer - The most important part is to make sure OIT is aware of a Major Incident. If you know the Major Incident has already been reported, you do not need to report it again. However, if you have additional information regarding the Major Incident, please do let OIT know by calling the Service Desk.

4. Question - Who do I need to call if I suspect a Major Incident?

Answer - All Major Incidents should be called into the OIT Service Desk, 303-239-4357 (HELP)

5. Question - How do I sign up to receive Major Incident notifications?

Answer - From a web browser, go to mim.state.co.us.  Click on the agency tab(s) you are interested in and sign up by clicking on the blue "Join group" button.

6. Question - Can I inform OIT of a Major Incident via email, chat, text, or walk-in?

Answer - No.  All Major Incidents must be called into the Service Desk. 303-239-4357 (HELP)

7. Question - I normally just call the technical group when I have an issue...is that OK?

Answer - No.  Please call the Service Desk first to report an issue.  Our processes rely on end users calling the Service Desk with issues and not the technical teams.

8. Question - How will I know if there is an update regarding a Major Incident or if it has been resolved?

Answer - The Major Incident Management team will provide updates via Major Incident notifications as new and pertinent information about the issue comes in or when it is resolved.  If you do not currently receive notifications, please sign up at mim.state.co.us (Instructions are in the bottom left corner of the landing page.)

9. Question - Should I let anyone know when the issue is resolved?

Answer - Please let the Service Desk know when services come back online. (303-239-4357)

10. Question - Who should I ask if I want to know the root cause of the issue?

Answer - If you have questions about the root cause of an outage, please contact the OIT Service Desk.